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captainofsex: idk about you but john simm's gruff american accent in intruders got me thinking i'm gonna ship emmett carver and jack whelan as angsty cops. 



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In sync

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what goes around, comes around

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So much for these perception filters

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ecchima replied to your post: anonymous said:You are brilliant!…

*cross fingers* More John Simm as well please

That goes without saying

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Better not

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Birthday doodle for Galli! Hope you like it mate :)

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Simm!Master, #12 (suggested by iamsonothere)

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BBCA Intruders Nerd HQ panel (2014)

The Elevator Story

Every floor, someone got on, like a robot and Chewbacca and then some aliens and eventually — and everybody was drunk and it was very late and I was thinking “am I gonna get away with this?”