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[evil laughter]

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Grit your teeth

Have a jelly baby

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Anonymous: Oh, my goodness. I am so glad I found this blog. Gorgeous artwork, and you seem like such a lovely person! Thanks for being you. 

You’re very sweet, anon — thank you! And welcome :)

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The Doctor giving his brother, Braxiatel, a pair of musical socks for Christmas is one my favourite things ever (x)

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evanescentwoodnymph replied to your post:
AH THE MUG IS PERFECT! How long do you have things up for? I’d love to buy it, I just know when I can, haha.

Well, I don’t have plans to take any items down from S6, but the free shipping and discount is only valid until Sunday.

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There you go :)

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zabbers: Following up on your Scream of the Shalka quotes, I've always been uncertain about the passage that recounts the dinner party during which the Master's face falls off into the soup, and the other guests laugh. The Doctor is angry. But who/what exactly is he angry about? I'd like to think he's defensive of his now-dependent friend, but am I just reading it with biased glasses on? 

I’d like to think that that was the case but I never considered it from that angle because the guests don’t actually laugh:

The other guests in the TARDIS control room had politely looked aside and commented on other things, but the Master had been able to tell that the Doctor was quietly seething underneath his patrician chuckles.

It seems unlikely that the Doctor would be annoyed by them for that — I’m fairly certain that his irritation was directed at the Master. The identities of the dinner party guests aren’t specified, but given the Doctor’s reaction (patrician chuckles), I’m inclined to think that they weren’t friends or close acquaintances — they were people who he wanted to make a very good impression on and it was, for whatever reason (though I doubt it was purely personal), vitally important to be successful in that regard.

Or maybe he was just irritated because he had to do all the cooking himself.


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johannesviii: I usually don't message people on Tumblr, but I found your Tumblr like two days ago and since then I kept coming back to look at every single page of it while faving a bunch of stuff... aaaaaand I kinda feel like a creepy stalker because of it. Sorry! I just wanted to say that your drawings are amazing and a lot of them made me smile like an idiot. You've brightened my week. Thank you for existing and for making Tumblr a happier place. 

Aww, thank you very much! I’ve just woken up and finding this in my ask box has really improved my day already. I certainly hope that you continue to enjoy my work, and thanks for taking the time to send such a kind message! :D