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Jack Harkness, #95 (suggested by captainofsex)

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Anonymous: If you watch in the flesh I'd love to see Kieren Walker in you art style pretty please? 

Erm well, I scribbled this when I finished watching the first two seasons a while back (though I never felt inclined to post it) so here you go


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The old girl.

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missfrenchygirl: I see way not enough River Song on this blog! 

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amazon wishlist for Ferguson protestors


hey someone organized a wishlist of things for the protestors in ferguson (stuff like gas masks, food, drinks, umbrellas, earplugs, etc.) so help out if you can!!

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"I sought a statement from current mayor Dana Cardinal who is, of course, a former intern and dear friend of mine. I found her at the end of a dark hallway, draped with rotting black cloth and thick with cobwebs, where she was sitting on the Mayoral Throne and contemplating her hands."

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Not sure what’s prompting all these nice messages of late but thank you! You’re all very very kind


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The Master was waiting for them, having been notified of the visit by Conran.

“Why Brigadier,” he began warmly. “I hardly expected you to visit me in my present circumstances, but you’re very welcome, of course. And Captain Yates…” He stopped at Chesterton. “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.”

“Ian Chesterton.”

“I’m pleased to meet you — something of an inevitability, since I have so few visitors at all.” He turned back to the Brigadier. “But…” The Master looked vaguely puzzled for a moment. “Where is the Doctor? Hasn’t he come along for a little gloat?”

- The Face of the Enemy, David A. McIntee

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Anonymous: Why do I love John Simm and simm!master so bad?!