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“The War Doctor”, #25 (suggested by thedoctoryouwerentexpecting)

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natalunasans replied to your photo:
does this have to do also with him being in a US show with an american accent? that reminds me i need to watch that…. *and* Eccleston’s.

Yep, the original image is from a photo shoot that took place at the recent San Diago Comic Con. James Fraine, Mira Sorvino and John Simm — all starring beside each other in BBCA’s Intruders, which premiers on August 23 (same day as Doctor Who).

To say that I’m pretty excited about it would be a bit of an understatement


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Better not

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Anonymous: Friendly reminder that you're terrific! Have a lovely day. 

Cheers anon, back at you!

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( D o n ’ t   b l i n k )

Weeping angel, #79 (suggested by captaingrahamcr)

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just a little pick-me-up for halorvic


Thank you again for this~

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thehylianbatman: Which of the Doctors haven't you drawn? 

There are several that I don’t draw very often (and a couple I’ve probably only drawn once or twice), but I think it’s only the Second Doctor that I haven’t drawn at all because I’m not familiar with any of that particular incarnation’s stories, televised or otherwise. Yet.

(edit: oh actually I did see them in “The Five Doctors”, but that’s about it I think)

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"Evil Schemes Or: Elaborate and Not-So-Subtle Ways of Getting the Doctor’s Attention”