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What to do… (x)

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Blair Crimmins and the Hookers Mean Mean Man The Musical Stylings Of

Oh you know I hate to see you cryin’
So if you don’t mind leavin’ you can just go see
If there’s a hole for you to crawl and die in
All the ways you spit in my face
You know that those days are through
And now I’m going round town cuttin’ off dead weight
And the first thing that came to my mind was you

Well I’m starting a whole new band
I’m playin’ drums on an old gas can
Dancin’ on a bridge with a match in my hand
Yeah I’m a mean mean man


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Sam Tyler, #10 (suggested by anonymous)
Sam Tyler, #12 (suggested by aisforinterval)

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Anonymous: hey, hope everything's doing well with you and I find you cool and rad as heck. also your drawings always bring a smile. continue being lovely, you great person, you! 

You’re a dear anon, thank you! I hope everything is well on your side of things too c:

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Anonymous: Do you think Rose and eleven would have a romance and would you ship them considering he's still the doctor, or has his personality changed so much you aren't sure? 

I’d have difficultly answering the first part of your question with any certainty because yes, Eleven is quite different to the previous incarnations that Rose travelled with and it’s hard to say what the situation would be like between the two of them. But unless you’re saying that in this AU the events of “Journey’s End” never happened, I imagine that she’d be happier in her relationship with Metacrisis!Ten so…

The second part is simpler, since I don’t ship Doctor/Rose in general.


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Anonymous: Hello, just writing to say thank you for your art. It is wonderful, all of it, and I really admire it - and you. I've been meaning to tell you this for quite a while, and after the lovely pic of Eight and the owl I felt I simply must say it at last! :) 

That’s really very kind of you to say, thank you! I certainly hope you continue enjoying my work :)

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