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"I’m coming back."

Speedpainting before work. 1 hr 10 min.

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That explains it

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The woman with starlight in her soul

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big-finish-sketches replied to your photo:
I moved the .pdf of the book to my stuff-to-read USB literally moments before I saw this post. Looking forward to reading it. :D

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It’s really, really good.

But also


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Advantages of being an android.

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"What sort of world is this, Mark, where it’s wrong for a man to seek affection?"

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Anonymous: I <3 all the master/Doctor ships you've done :3 


Glad to hear it. It’s what I do :)

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Master of subtlety.

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Anonymous: How do you feel about rumours that Charles Dance may play the Master? 

If it turns out to be true… I’d be quite thrilled about that, actually. I think Charles Dance would be a terrific Master.

My concerns are rarely ever about who is chosen to play certain roles in DW though, because even someone who doesn’t appear to be a good candidate for a certain character can easily surprise us — it’s the writing/storylines/characterisation that I worry about.

A lot.