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Anonymous: You should get an instagram. 

I have considered it. Might feel inclined to sign up later on and use it for displaying WIPs or documenting experiments with traditional mediums (when I actually have more time to mess around with them) or something. We’ll see!

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An exercise in self-restraint

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Relationships are hard

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Anonymous: How do you feel about your work being posted on instagram? 

Not keen on the idea (just like I’m not altogether fond of my work ending up on places like Pinterest and WeHeartIt) but I would hope at the very least that if people did do that, they source it properly and leave the image unaltered.

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Anonymous: Hello! I love your art! This might be a super obvious question (I'm new), but what resolution do you work and post at?? If I post my work it's pixelated, and when I tried raising the resolution, it wouldn't even load. Thank you!!! 

It varies, though I usually work on a canvas that’s at least 3000-4000px on each side and then resize when posting things.

According to this (which, as far as I know, is still applicable), 500x750 is the maximum for dashboard view and 1280x1920 is the max for hi-res. I basically just make sure that the width of the image is at least 500px because otherwise Tumblr readjusts it and makes it look blurry (though I also make sure that if it is exactly 500px the length isn’t more than 750px, because otherwise that will prompt an automatic adjustment as well).

Hope that helps

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Reworked an old Broadchurch piece that I did a while ago since someone requested it as a print.

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Anonymous: could i please have a link to your shop?<3 

INPRNT for prints, Storenvy for buttons (and probably other things later)

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arlinetkalliope: do you know any good animators on tumblr? 

charleshuettner, oliviawhen and sachinteng are pretty damn amazing

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Trying to roll with it