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"I mean this is just embarrassing. I’m from the race that built the TARDIS. Dimensions are kind of our thing, so why can’t I understand this?"

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Anonymous: Do you watch Forever on abc? I ask because if you do or decide to i would love to see some art for it. It's a really good show by the way. I hope maybe this will lead you to at least try it but if you don't I wanted to say I really like your art, so anyway.....I hope you have a good day.... :) 

I’ve never even heard of that show to be honest! But cheers for the rec — I’ll keep it in mind for when I have more free time and if I feel inclined to look into a new series. Have a good one yourself :)

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a very close friend of mine made me this book a while ago

and i dont know if it will help anyone else but

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Anonymous: Boxers or briefs ? 


Whichever one is more comfortable to wear

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requested by tennantmeister

#his whole look changes when she asks him that #there’s part of him that almost lights up #his face smooths and opens instantly #and his voice softens #the one place inside him that he keeps open and vulnerable #but then instead of it being a genuine question #she used his /children/ #as a target for her frustration with him #and you can see his anger in the last gif as he looks away #and is it any wonder that he can barely contain his disdain for her at the end of the epiisode? #this right here is why I have found myself disliking Anna Gunn’s Ellie #you don’t slam someone’s children as a passive aggressive attack on that person #that is cold cruel and way below the belt (via gallifreyshawkeye)

It might interest some people to know that this is basically what Ellie Miller says in the novelisation of Broadchurch.


I found it very out of character — at least for the Ellie Miller that Olivia Colman portrays in the actual TV series — and it’s one of several differences in the book that I didn’t like.

image  i …. i didn’t realize i was in the minority on this?????  i thought that incredibly relatable and pitch perfect for both ellies?  here’s this asshole running around  barely reacting at all to a dead child  she knows nothing about him really  except that he’s a complete dick with approximately zero human emotions  just because he has kids  doesn’t give him a pass  he is actually being an unapologetic asshole  and we can ‘splain it away because he’s david tennant all we want  but ellie miller  in both versions of this show  is the human entry point  behaving like an actual human  think about all the terrible bosses you’ve ever had  the things you want to say and the things you didn’t say and the ways — the terrible frustrating crying ways  that you’d come home from work and try to parse all that  and then add a dead child  a child you knew  that hung out with your own kid into the mix  ellie doesn’t have the foresight we have  or the background info  or any of it  she is trying everything she knows  and she should be celebrated with a parade and a special type of cake  oh my god tumblr  carver and hardy are walking rusty razor blades  and ellie miller shows one tiny moment of poor judgment in her wording choice early on  and suddenly she’s the asshole  yeah i know why   (via allrightfine)

Yeah I didn’t think this was OOC for Ellie at all

Reblogging for commentary above but also adding a few more thoughts:

I don’t actually have a problem with Gracepoint!Ellie saying this, when you take into account the circumstances and the fact that yes Carver is a real bastard. Anna Gunn’s portrayal of the character is still different to Olivia’s, even if they’re technically playing the same role. My issue is with the fact that the book for the same show (Broadchurch) doesn’t match up in certain ways with the actual series. Small nuances like this and parts like Hardy not responding to Ellie’s Lady Gaga comment or Susan Wright calling Ellie’s son a “lying little shit” can have quite a significant impact on how these characters are shaped and presented to us.

I find it very easy to believe that Olivia’s Ellie would think something like “wow, this Alec Hardy guy is a real arsehole. I wonder if he has kids, I wonder what they must be like”. But the fact that she doesn’t say it (in the series) says something about her character — it says something about the way she deals with her frustration with Hardy and how she chooses to handle the situation under these circumstances. Just like Anna Gunn’s Ellie actually saying it aloud to Carver says something about her character and how she tries to deal with things. It’s not “one version is better than the other” (though some people have their personal preferences) — it’s “this version is different to the other”.

From a Gracepoint-Broadchurch standpoint, this is a good thing. From a Broadchurch-novelisation of Broadchurch standpoint, it’s not.

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americanmasquerades: I just want to say that I don't know what inspired you to draw those adorable dragons last night, but I hope the inspiration hits you again someday, they were perfect! :D 

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