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Anonymous: Which one is your favourite character from Doctor Who? do you love or hate with passion any of them?. I'm very curious. 

Well, there are characters that I love, and there are characters that I love. The ones who fall into the latter category are:

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Four, #80 (suggested by anonymous)

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otaku4prez: What do you think of Capaldi so far? I know it's kind of early, but based on initial impression.... 

My fondness for Peter Capaldi as an actor and a person has been warring with my current lack of emotional investment/interest in the TV series ever since he was revealed to be the next Doctor

It’s an ongoing battle

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I should stop making this reference but I probably won’t

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evil-bean: When I'm sad, I just open a tab with a tumblr blog from tumblr user "halorvic". It always cheer me up. Silly fanarts from a wonderful person with amazing skills equals real sunshine in my life. Just so you know. 


That is incredibly sweet of you to say, thank you

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Adipose, #90 (suggested by donttouchsherlock)

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Anonymous: What do you think will be the situation between the Doctor, Clara and Danny? 

Personally I was hoping that it would be something that didn’t involve making Danny and Clara a romantic item, but so far it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening.

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captainofsex: idk about you but john simm's gruff american accent in intruders got me thinking i'm gonna ship emmett carver and jack whelan as angsty cops. 



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Anonymous: I giggle like David Tennant, sorry I mean like an idiot, every time I see your Doctor/Master art, specially with the last one. You´re a precious person :)