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Anonymous: Who is your favorite companion? 


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Happy 43rd birthday, David! (April 18, 1971)

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Happy bday Peter Capaldi (April 14)

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Anonymous: sorry to butt in but I just love the cabin pressure pic you just posted- the expressions are so perfect and the body language is so in character and jdskfjhajafhf I usually just see pictures of Martin being angry but you've captured every single one of their characters to the t and it's a picture I could just look at for ages and ages and never get bored of 

Ahh thanks mate! It’s been a fair while since I’ve done any Cabin Pressure art so it was really great that a commission prompted me to revisit those characters again :)

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Anonymous: have you ever watched american horror story? if no, would you watch it? 

I’ve never watched it, no. I hear it’s quite good though so… maybe? If I find the time and don’t forget to look into it later on that is! (that happens a lot)

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CAROLYN: Ah, at last. Now then, guess who’s got a job tomorrow? I’ll give you a clue: it’s us.
DOUGLAS: And they call Hitchcock the master of suspense.

Cabin Pressure commission :)

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i hate when people go “i dont credit fanartists as Real artists because its fanart and they should draw more original art” ok yeah that patronizing attitude is nice and all but you know like… every piece of classical art is fanart of the bible

im sorry da vinci, the last supper doesnt COUNT as real art because its not original art and you should make some ocs

I think I just found the most compelling argument toward fanart ever